Ideas for communities

Give appreciation! Awards of any kind are often given by official bodies as a reward for services rendered or exemplary behavior. Awards create incentive within society, merit badges are a classic symbol of appreciation. Schwertner manufactures merit badges, honorary badges and merit badges in Austrian craftsmanship and with passion and dedication.

Badge of honor
Merit badge

Traffic and economy

Ideas for communities

Parking situations are often associated with stress - many municipalities are now counteracting this with parking tokens and relieving the burden on citizens, as well as city and municipal administrations. However, traders often buy and issue parking coins to increase the attractiveness for shopping in cities. With a city logo and appropriate lettering, your parking promotion is additionally promoted .

Parking coins
Functional coins


Ideas for communities

The many services that municipalities provide for their residents must, of course, be financed. The payment of taxes requires a counterfeit-proof token.
Schwertner produces with consideration of necessary safety precautions for the production of parking coins or vending machine coins and dog tax stamps.

Parking coins
Functional coins
Dog tags

City Marketing

Ideas for communities

A strong economy in cities and towns is the foundation of prosperity for many residents. Show what your community can do - take advantage of the many benefits of shopping tokens, voucher coins and gift coins. Not only do the coins have a promotional effect, they are often used effectively to keep purchasing power in the locality in question. Schwertner is one of the few manufacturers still producing these coins and produces these coins with strict safety precautions in mind. 

Gift coins

City festival

Ideas for communities

Minting commemorative coins is a real crowd puller. Upgrade your city festival and offer your visitors the minting of their own coin. The visitor has the opportunity to mint the coin on the historical hammer baton. Hattrick: attraction, spectacle, source of money in one. Let Schwertner advise you! 

Mint coins yourself


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